10 Oct 2017

All Ranks Campout

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October 13, 2017 @ 18:00 – October 15, 2017 @ 12:00 America/Chicago Timezone
DS Private Property

Join Pack 101 for our All Ranks Campout

This is an annual fall family campout. The entire family is encouraged to attend. We will be camping on private property in Dripping Springs. The address is 2600 Prochnow Road.

NOTE all campfires must be in a campfire ring. All campfires must be attended by an adult (the fire master) and all attendees must obey all directions given by the fire master. All fires must be put out at the end of the evening with water. You should plan to bring your own water for drinking and putting out your fires (fires should be per den and not per family). Ron Sedlmeyer will be bringing 1000 gallons of water as well.

Bathrooms (composting and Port-A-Potties) will be available at the campsite.

The Pack will provide the main course for dinner on Saturday night. Each family that attends is asked to bring a side dish to complement the Saturday evening meal as follows:
Tigers – Desserts
Wolves – Side Dishes
Bears – Appetizers
Webelos – Veggies and Fruit

We will also be having our annual All Rank Campout Dutch Oven dessert contest. Each den can make a dutch oven dessert. The judges will determine the winner!

Saturday evening we will have a Pack campfire. Each den is asked to perform a skit or sing a song for the Pack at the campfire ceremony. There will also be a very special rank advancement ceremony for our new Bobcats. If you are a new family to the Pack this is a special ceremony for your son(s) who have worked to earn the Bobcat rank. We will be presenting them during the ceremony with their Bobcat badge, Bobcat pin (for the Mother’s Necklace), the Mother’s necklace, and their totem.

It is tradition the Pack has to have a pumpkin carving contest at this campout. The boys may choose to bring a hollowed out pumpkin (no gutting the pumpkin at the park please do this before you come to the campout) and Saturday afternoon sometime carve it. The pumpkins are lined up and judged at the campout. It’s pretty fun to see what the boys come up with.

For those new to the Pack this campout is not only for the entire family but we camp in tents. Below is a list of the most needed supplies you might need. Bring what you and your family feel you will need for the weekend or your length of stay.

Hammer (for tent stakes)
Sleeping bag
Cots (for parents if needed)
Chairs (will need these for the campfire Saturday evening)
Bug Spray
Water bottle
Water (lots of it)
Day Pack for Hiking (with the six essential hiking items)
Lantern (if you have one)
Food (Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast and lunch, Sunday breakfast) **
Ice Chest for food
Trash Bags
Food for Saturday dinner with Pack
Pumpkin carving tools

** If you want to cook food you can bring a camping stove, etc. and pots/pans/utensils for cooking

For more information please visit: HTTP://www.scoutbook.com/mobile/dashboard/calendar/event.asp?EventID=820298

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